Governor Cuomo Says Legalizing Marijuana Not Likely This Year

for mix 101.5, I’m Ron Brown. Here’s what’s trending in the twin tiers.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says if you’re wating for legal marijuana, you’ll have to wait a little longer.
He says he doesn’t believe it’s feasible for lawmakers to legalize recreational marijuana this year.
and he doesn’t believe there’s enough support to pass the measure in the Senate.
Cuomo says that he backs legalizing marijuana but that the issue is controversial for many legislators.
The chairman of the Cattaraugus County Legislature doeson’t want it legalized.
Jim Snyder said after years of preaching that marijuania is bad, it doesn’t make sense to leaglize it now.
For now, Cattaraugus County appears to be the only Western New York county that would opt-out if New York State makes pot legal. This according to a statewide survey of county governments by the USA Today Network in New York.
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