Storm Cleanup Underway in Jamestown

The big storm is over and it’s cleanup time in Jamestown. There were reports of water damage, but the biggest problem was damage from the wind. It knocked down trees and power lines. The Chautauqua Mall lost power for awhile.
Tree service crews were busy removing debris from several properties Sunday and large trees were cut down and hauled away.
New York could become the first state to ban declawing cats.
There’s a bill moving through the state Assembly.
The legislation passed the Assembly’s Codes Committee by a 17-1 vote Thursday.
Declawing is already banned in Denver, and 10 California cities.
Animal welfare advocates and many veterinarians say declawing a cat is cruel and inhumane because it amputates a cat’s toes back to the first knuckle. The state’s largest veterinary association has opposed the bill. It says the procedure should be allowed as a last resort for cats that won’t stop scratching.