New School Year Sees Many Changes

It’s back to school with a new look for the Olean City School District
there are plenty of renovations, and more patrol officers.
Kid’s will notice the new walls at East View Elementary School as part of the School District’s project to close the school’s open flooring plan. Ten classrooms have been closed, and another 14 will be closed next summer.
Other upgrades include roof repairs, heating and ventilation improvements, renovated bathrooms renovations to comply with the americans with disabilities act. Both East View and Washington West will also have their own patrol officer.
Olean has a new stray cat policy for consideration.
a draft of the new policy says stray cats can be trapped, sterilized, and then released.
In the past, loose cats were picked up like stray dogs. But after the city cut the animal control budget in half, cat control was removed from a contract with the Cattaraugus County SPCA.