Lancaster man wins $1M in lottery scratch off ticket

A 29 year old Lancaster man is a brand new millionaire. Ramiro Arr-e-aga, bought a New York State Lottery scratch off ticket and today he has a million and a half dollars in his bank account.
Arr- aga actually won three million dollars on the ticket, be he chose a one-time lump sum payment.
The winning ticket was purchased at C Store in Lancaster.
He’s the 77th New York Lottery player to win $1,000,000 or more this year.
Now we know just how many reptiles that Allegany man had inside his home before it was raided by the state last week.
He wasn’t living with one hundred, it wasn’t two hundred. It was three hundred reptiles inside his home, including three king cobras and six gila monsters. 70 year old William Engelder is facing a number of charges, including possession of wildlife without a permit. All animals are being held at the Buffalo Zoo