Poisonous snakes removed from Allegany home

A bunch of poisonus snakes including King Cobras were taken from a house in Allegany Thursday morning.
Charges are pending against a man whose name hasn’t been released.
It is illegal in New York to sell or possess poisonus snakes without a permit.
The penalty is a $500 fine per snake for the first offense. The investigation is ongoing.
The snakes and other exotic reptiles will be taken to the Buffalo Zoo.
One of the largest locally run sportsmen’s conventions on this side of the country gets under way today at the Cattaraugus County Fairgrounds. Over 2,500 people came last year to the three day event.
More than 70 vendors are selling hunting gear, trapping, and all sorts of outdoor products.
And re-enactors will show what it was like to be a pioneer outdoorsman or woman from the 17 and 1800s.
The Sportsmen’s Rendezvous is the primary fundraising activity for the Trappers Association.