FBI Investigating Cattaraugus County Conservative claims

The Cattaraugus County Conservative chairman says the FBI is investigating his allegations about the Republican party trying to hijack the Conservative party. Leonard Caros said he expects to be interviewed by the FBI in Buffalo next week.
Caros told the Olean Times Herald that he was recently contacted by the FBI and they want him to bring files.
Caros has accused Republican Party Chairman Robert Keis Sr., Republican Election Commissioner Michael Brisky and County Legislator Andrew Burr, of meddling in Conservative Party matters in a bid to oust him as party leader.
The Salamanca Common Council is expected to ban Cryptocurrency mining in Salamanca.
The goal is to keep people from setting up a cryptocurrency operation where the city provides electricity so that they can’t set up powerful computers for cryptocurrency mining — which uses a lot more electric than a standard home or business.
If approved, a public hearing is scheduled for September.