Hairdresser Theft of Service Bill Before NY Governor

It could soon be a crime to get a haircut and walk out without paying in New York. Right now, it’s not.
But Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign a theft of service bill that’ll include hairdressers, and barbers.
The current theft of service law protects restaurants and public transportation, hotels, cable TV providers, theaters and ski lift operators…but not cosmetologists. Theft of services is usually a misdemeanor.
There’s a brand new home in Ausin in Potter County thanks to Habitat for Humanity.
It was built by volunteers for the new homeowners, Scott and Amanda Crum-rine and their children.
This is the ninth home the charity’s built since it began in 1995. All the money for materials and building the houses was raised by donations and the annual Potter County Falling Leaves Festival.
Habitat for Humanity says it’s helping to build a world where everyone has a decent place to live.