Heat Wave Heading Our Way

Get ready to sweat. We’re expecting a heat wave today and the temperatures could get dangerously high.
The National Weather Service issued a hazardous weather outlook for the weekend, with high heat and humidity, so be careful because it could be more than uncomfortable, it could lead to health problems.
an upper-level ridge is forecast to strengthen in the central U.S., moving into the area on Friday.
The service says Heat indexes will break 100 degrees with the high temperatures combined with the high humidity.

The next time you drive by the old Supervisor’s Building on Erie Street in Little Valley might be the last time you see it.
The big red building’ll be demolished before too long. The county voted to accept a $44,200 bid from a lakewood contracting company to tear it down. Neither the town nor the village wanted the building after the county vacated it in August 2016.