Governor Cuomo Wants To Let Teachers Identify School Threats

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is on a school bus tour of New York state. He’s trying to build support for a plan to allow parents or teachers to petition a judge to remove guns from the homes of troubled students.
He started the tour in Long Island and the Bronx.
The proposal would let teachers, school administrators and parents ask a judge to evaluate a child they believe is a threat. The judge could then order the confiscation of firearms in the child’s home. Cuomo says his proposal is the first of its kind in the nation.
Southern Pine beetles’ve killed millions of acres of forests in the south and they’re heading north.
Southern pine beetles have been slowly expanding their range. Mmonitoring traps have caught beetles as far north as New England. Experts say the insect could reach Nova Scotia in two years and Maine in 60 years.