GoFund Me Page Started for ATV Victim’s Daughter

Friends and family are trying to help the daughter of a man who was killed in an atv crash over the weekend.
They’ve started a GoFund Me page .
All the money raised by the page are going to Robert Geddes’ daughter, Briana according to the page. Geddes was killed this weekend when his ATV crash into a guardrail.
New York State Police arrested a Cattaraugus County man for reportedly grabbing someone by the throat.
76 year old Robert Scholtz was arrested at home in Portville after police got a report of a dispute.
State police say Scholtz grabbed another person while making physical threats against them.
He was charged with criminal obstruction of breathing and menacing.
Cattaraugus County Public Health Director Dr. Kevin Watkins says he’s worried about “dragon’s breath.”
It’s a trend of adding liquid nitrogen to food or desserts. Watkins says there’s a threat that liquid nitrogen can cause burns.