Rep. Tom Reed Pushing for Dreamers Vote

U.S. Rep. Tom Reed is pushing House Speaker Paul Ryan for a vote on Dreamers.
Over Three months after the Senate denied a bill to give DACA immigrants a path toward citizenship, nothing has been done, Reed said Tuesday. Reed wants a House vote on four proposals. The one with the most votes would become the House bill to send to the Senate. Ryan says he supports a bill that would include full funding for a border wall and three-year renewable immigration status for Dreamers.
Teachers all across New York will be protesting today at their State Senator offices.
Carl Korn, the Chief Press Officer of the New York State United Teachers Union, says it’s because the New York State Senate failed to bring bill S. 8301 to the floor before it adjourned.
The bill would return control over annual teacher evaluations to local school districts and teachers and
eliminate t standardized tests in teachers’ evaluations.