Amber Alert in Allegany County for Missing Toddler

An amber alert is in effect for parts of Allegany county, Orleans, Genesee and Wyoming as police continue to search for a 14 month old boy. Little Owen Hildalgo-Calderon went missing in Wayne County nearly two weeks ago. Wayne County Sheriff says the amber alert is a precaution. Wayne County sheriff Bobby Virts says he fears the little boy isn’t alive because of the time period that has gone by. Owen’s mom was found dead last week, and police say her boyfriend admitted to burying her.
If you’re looking up in Portville you’re likely to see the new veteran banner program.
The first banners went up just in time for Memorial Day.
The Hometown Heros project was initiated by the Portville Central School chapter of the National Honor Society. Each banner has a large photograph of a Portville military veteran in uniform.