Olean Police Warning About Phoney Meter Reader

The man who says he’s a water meter reader and wants to get into your house…. may not be who he says he is. Olean Police are warning abut a man who tried to get into a woman’s home by telling her he was a water meter reader. Police say he’s a white man about 5-foot-7 inches tall and driving a white pickup truck If anyone like that shows up around your house, be safe, call the police.
The Front Street overpass bridge has claimed yet another victim. A driver in a box truck going south on Front Street near Seneca Avenue at around noon found out the hard way that the overpass was too low for him to pass underneath. The top of the truck hit the railroad bridge doing a lot of damage to the top of the truck. The Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad and the Southern Tier Extension Railroad Authority are working to raise the height of the overpass .