Cattaraugus County Lawmakers Splitting Bed Tax Money

Cattaraugus County lawmakers vote today on how to divide next year’s bed tax revenues.
The Development and Agriculture Committee and the Finance Committee will decide how to split more than $700,000 in Cattaraugus County Hotel and Motel Tax receipts.
the Treasurer’s Office get’s five percent, 60 percent will be divided between Ellicottville, Olean and Salamanca. The remaining 40 percent goes to other Chambers of Commerce and other groups who want to promote tourism promotion in the county.
A Buffalo man says he’s guilty of drug possession in Olean.
24 year old Andre Benefield’s in a New York State prison at the moment. Police say he tried to get drugs in Olean last march.
gasoline prices are going up just in time for the holiday travel season.
In Olean the price for a gallone of gas jumped up about six cents to $2.76. It’d been steady at 2.70 for weeks.