Cattaraugus County Budget Under Review

Cattaraugus County’s tentative $230.2 million budget gets the once over today from legislature committees.
It’s an increase of one and a half million bucks, but there are no new positions proposed and nobody’s getting laid off, if it’s approved. If the tax levy remains unchanged, city of Olean taxpayers will see a 1.73 percent raise in the tax rate. In the city of Salamanca, the tax rate will go up 3.8 percent .
A homeless shelter that was closed for zoning violations, was a legal mistake according to an attorney on the Genesis House board. Gary Abraham says because the shelter opened long before city zoning laws were changed in 2015, it shouldn’t have been closed at all.
Abraham says that by law, it’s grandfathered and doesn’t need a variance.
The men were moved out of the South Second Street shelter late last week and placed in another home.