Olean Fire Destroys Apartment Building

Firefighters rescued four people from an early morning fire at a North Olean apartment building.
No injuries were reported, according to City of Olean Fire Department Chief Robert Bell.
Bell said four of six people who were in the five-apartment complex were escorted out down a ladder and the others got out by themselves.
According to the fire chief, the cause of the fire is still under investigation.
The homicide trial for Stephen Stidd is ready to wrap up after a week of testimony in McKean County Court. Stidd’s admitted that he killed his former son in law in January 2015 with a gunshot to the chest. But Stidd says it was self defense against Melvin Bizzarro. Monday, his widow, Michelle Bizzarro, widow of the victim and Stidd’s daughter, said he was a happy man, but also a “violent monster, very scary and very intimidating” when he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.