Kane Psychiatrist Sentenced

He used to be a psychiatrist , now he’s a convicted drug dealer.
Seventy Year old Thomas Radecki was a former Kane psychiatrist. A just found him guilty of selling drugs after a 12-day trial in Clarion County Court.
Radecki was convicted of 12 felonies including illegally prescribing drugs to nine patients, corrupt organizations, criminal conspiracy and dealing in proceeds of unlawful activity.
Radecki is scheduled to be sentenced June 1.
He was arrested back in August 2013. He had four offices in including one in Kane in McKean County. The offices were designed to serve as clinics where programs were developed to treat patients addicted to opiates.
Cattaraugus County will $3.8 million to pave about 30 more miles of county roads this summer.
The measure, sponsored by members of the Cattaraugus County Legislature’s Public Works Committee, was approved without comment or dissent.
a McKean County jury’s convicted a man of selling morphine.
Twenty six year old James Lyons was convicted at trial of possession and sale of morphine. . He’ll be sentenced May 19.