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10 New COVID-19 Cases in Cattaraugus County

Another double digit day for Cattaraugus and Allegany County. Cattaraugus has 10 new COVID cases, and there are 24 in Allegany County.
The Cattaraugus County cases bring the total number of people who’ve contracted the coronavirus to 463 since the spring.
Eight women, two of them healthcare workers, and two men tested positive on Thursday.
The Health Department has begun a thorough contact tracing investigation for everyone who tested positive and they’re checking out who they have been in contact with and the places they visited.
Alfred State’s career fair was it’s biggest ever.
80 employers and over 300 students came to the college’s virtual career fair.
It happened last week on the website JobLink
A Franklinville pharmacy is helping with free COVID-19 tests
Bartholomew’s Pharmacy will provide COVID-19 tests by appointment with a walk up test collection.
The test is self-administered with a nasal swab. Bartholomew’s staff submits the test to the lab for processing.

17 More COVID-19

nfection rates continue to go up….
Seventeen more cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Cattaraugus County.
The department’s active positive COVID-19 caseload is now one hundred and four. In one day, Cattaraugus County went from four hundred and thirty seven cases to four hundred and fifty three. of the new cases, eleven women tested positive and six men. four of the cases are healthcare workers. most of the new cases came from being in contact with someone else who was tested positive for COVID-19
Olean’s Santa Claus Lane parade will look a lot different this year. instead of floats driving by crowds of people, it’ll be the people who are driving by the floats in cars while the floats stand still.
The Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce will hold a reverse parade on Nov. 27 in the Olean Intermediate Middle School parking lot off of Wayne Street.

Record 29 New COVID Cases Reported in Cattaraugus County

Twenty nine new cases of covid have been reported in Cattaraugus County as the second wave keeps rolling in. The new increase of 18 women and 11 men is a record high for one day in the county. The department’s active positive COVID-19 caseload is now eighty eight.
of the twenty nine new cases, there were two clusters reported at adult care facilities in Allegany and Hindsdale. One with ten cases and another with 14 cases.
There was one healthcare worker in the new cases.17 people in the new case reports have symptoms, 12 haven’t shown any symptoms yet.
The new cases bring the overall total in Cattaraugus county to 436

New coats, winter accessories will be distributed to kids for free on Sunday
the inaugural “Jackie’s Jackets and Mary’s Mittens” program is part of the Operation Warm Hearts.
Distribution will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday under the pavilion in Lincoln Park.

Seven More COVID-19 Cases in Cattaraugus

seven more COVID-19 residents have been reported in Cattaraugus County. The department’s active positive COVID-19 caseload is now sixty three. The overall total is four hundred and seven. Of the seven new cases, three are men and four are women. One of the men is a healthcare worker who lives in the southeast area and recently developed fever, congestion, chills, muscle aches, and headaches. Three of the new cases say they’re not showing any symptoms. Two of the new cases say they were in contact with someone who also has tested positive, the five other cases say they did not.
residents can see a doctor anytime at a nursing home in Wellsville.
24-hour telemedicine coverage is offered at Highland Park Rehabilitation & Nursing Center.
They’ve retained TapestryHealth to support in-house medical staff by providing 24-hour, seven-day-a-week telemedicine coverage . a doctor is available to see residents, evaluate them and treat them at their bedside at any time.

Two More Die of COVID-19 in Cattraugus County

An 82 year old woman and a 62 year old Cattaraugus county man have died from COVID 19 complications, raising the county’s total to 18 people since the pandemic began. Both died from respiratory failure.
There are now 400 people in Cattaraugus County who have tested positive for the virus.
The Health Department reported four more cases of COVID-19 over the weekend.
The three hundred and ninety seventh case is a man in the southwest area who says he was in direct contact with a positive COVID-19 person. The three hundred and ninety eighth confirmed case is a woman also from the southwest and she says she was in direct contact with a positive COVID-19 person. The three hundred and ninety ninth case is a woman from the northeast who was in direct contact with a positive COVID-19 person. The four hundredth confirmed case is another woman also from the northeast. She recently developed fever, sore throat, chills and congestion.

Cattaraugus County COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise

Five more cases of COVID-19 in Cattaraugus County brings the total to 387 since the pandemic began.
The three hundred and eighty third case is a young man whose parent says the boy was in direct contact with a positive COVID-19 person. The parent also reports that he has been asymptomatic.
The three hundred and eighty fourth case is a female healthcare in the southeast area quadrant of the county who was in direct contact with a positive COVID-19 person. She has symptoms.
The three hundred and eighty fifth confirmed case is a woman who was in direct contact with a positive COVID-19 person,
The three hundred and eighty sixth case is a man in the northeast who was in direct contact with someone who has COVID-19.
The three hundred and eighty seventh case is another female healthcare worker who was in direct contact with a positive COVID-19 person

Portville School District Goes to Remote Learning Until Nov

Portville Central School District students in grades 7 through 2 will be learning remotely until November.
The district announced that it would need substitutes to fill in for those teachers who have been required to quarantine because of the virus , and they do not have enough. Ahletes may continue practicing and participating in games, as long as they aren’t under quarantine. Students without sufficient Internet access at home can work at school. Transportation will be provided.
If you see a school bus loading or unloading kids… stop… if you don’t you may be on camera.
The Salamanca City Central School District transportation department is working with police to catch the people who don’t.
District buses have video cameras. Since the start of the 2019-20 school year, that footage has been used as evidence by the Cattaraugus County Sherriff’s Office to issue traffic tickets to drivers who ignore school bus safety laws.

17 New COVID-19 Cases in Cattaraugus County

It looks like the second wave of the cornavirus is hitting and hitting hard.
A 15th person has died of COVID complications in Cattaraugus County, and there are 17 new cases of the virus.
The latest to died from COVID was a 86-year-old man who developed respiratory failure.
The 17 positive COVID-19 tests came from more than 150 rapid tests offered free at the Allegany Fire Department. That pushed the total number of county residents who have tested positive for the coronavirus to 375. Two families from the southern part of the county accounted for 11 positive tests
Vandals have damaged the two ‘Welcome to Olean’ signs less than a year after they were cleaned up by volunteers.
The signs, one on Buffalo Street and the other on West State Road, saw several letters torn off. the sign on Buffalo Street had almost every letter off. There were two letters torn from the name sign near Applebee’s

11 New COVID-19 Cases in Cattaraugus County

The numbers on COVID are going up, and fast in Cattaraugus County.
There were 11 new positive COVID-19 tests reported yesterday to bring the total up to 358. 14 people have died from complications resulting from the virus.
Four of the 11 positives on Monday were healthcare workers — three women and one man — all from the southeast part of the county. Two of the women and the man were in direct contact with a known COVID-19 person. Five others testing positive were direct contacts of a known COVID0-19 person.
All but one of the positive cases were from the southeas . One positive was from the northwest part of the county, a woman who just returned from Montana.
Four new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Allegany County, while the nursing home at the center of a large outbreak issued a statement thanking the community and county for support. from 228 on Sunday to 232,

14th Person Dies in Cattaraugus County from COVID-19

a 14-th person has died in Cattaraugus County from COVID-19.
She was a 65-year-old woman who developed respiratory failure .
Meanwhile, the health department reported only one new case of COVID-19 on Sunday and only three Saturday.
The 347th confirmed case of COVID-19 is a man from the area who is a healthcare worker.
Of the three new cases reported Saturday two women are healthcare workers who reported direct contact with persons who were positive for the virus and one man from the southeast area of the county.
After a spike in COVID-19 cases over the past several days, Allegany County will begin offering free rapid tests today.
You will have to call to make an appointment for a rapid test. The county health department is offering the testing in collaboration with the New York State Department of Health. Gov. Andrew Cuomo pledged earlier this month to make rapid testing available in every county of the state.