Four More Positive COVID-19 Cases in Cattaraugus County

Four more people have tested positive for COVID-19 in CAttaraugus County.
They all live in the southeast area of the county, two are healthcare workers.
The 121st case is a man The 122nd case is a woman, both are ill with symptoms.
The 123rd case is a female health care worker, she says she came into direct contact with someone who is known to have COVID-19 , but she’s not showing any symptoms.
The 124th case is a man who is also a healthcare worker who recently returned from Montana. The man, who has been asymptomatic.
Three more states along with Puerto Rico and the Washington, D.C., have been added to New York’s covid quarantine list.
Anyone come from these areas have to isolate for 14 days when arriving in New York.
Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. meet New York’s metrics to qualify for the travel advisory, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during a briefing Tuesday.