Elderly Couple Charged With Leaving Dog in a Hot Car

Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s officers charged two people with leaving a dog in a hot car earlier this month.

They said 81 year old Darell Goodwill, , and 71 year old Lynn Goodwill of Smethport, left a cocker spaniel in a pickup truck in the Home Depot parking lot, The windows were closed while the temperature outside was over 90 degrees.

Allegany police say they saw the dog and unlocked the pickup to let it out. After about 20 minutes, the owners of the dog came out of the store.


A Salamanca man with cystic fibrosis is getting ready for the run of a lifetime.

Beginning July 5th, Bradley Poole will run 266 miles throughout Cattaraugus County all in one week. That breaks down to 42 miles a day and one day of 14 miles.

Poole is running to raise money for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. He’s shooting for $100,000.