Cattaraugus County COVID-19 Cases Stable

Cattaraugus County’s COVID-19 cases remained stable Tuesday at 90 PEOPLE.

Most of the cases have come from the southeast part of the county, where there have been 41 cases.

Eighty-two have recovered and four people have died from COVID-19.


Gas prices are on the rise again in Olean
The national average price for a gallon of gasoline is at $2.13 per gallon, but the price for regular in Olean is up 10 cents to $2.29 from earlier this month. A year ago, it was $2.89/gallon in Olean.

The New York average price is 62 cents cheaper than a year ago, according to AAA.


Olean’s city playground are open again. The parks department has taken down the tape and removed the signs that were set up to close the playgrounds in march because of the coronavirus.

Families that intend to use the playgrounds are reminded they should follow the Center for Disease Control guidelines .