Cattaraugus County’s 51st COVID Patient on a Ventilator

The 51st person to test positive for COVID-19 in Cattaraugus County lives in the southwest part of the county.
He was tested at WCA Hospital in Jamestown over the weekend. The man reportedly has underlying health conditions. He was suffering from shortness of breath and body aches.
He was transferred to Pittsburgh Presbyterian Hospital and placed on a ventilator.
Bradford’s police chief and an officer accused of misconduct have been placed on while it’s investigated.
Chief “Butch” Bartlett and Officer Matthew Gustin will be paid during their leave.
The allegations of misconduct came from a May 5th arrest where the suspect was reportedly tased and then later sprayed with mace after he was in custody and in the the officer’s patrol car.
Assistant Chief Mike Ward is filling in while Bartlett is on leave.
Salamanca City Central School District officials have tentatively announced June 12 as the last day of school for students.