Allegany Limestone Voters Approve $10M in School Improvements

Allgany Limestone voters said yes to $10 Million dollars in improvements for the elementary campus.
The vote was overwhelmingly in support of it, 163-23.
The upgrades at the Maple Avenue school and the nearby bus garage are not expected to increase taxes because funding will be provided through state aid and the district’s capital reserve fund.
The area just spent $17.3 million to upgrade and expand the middle/high school campus, and the elementary school.
The Cattaraugus County Trail Mapping and Signage program is getting a $51,940 grant.
It’s part of a larger goal to connect an area of trails across the county and to make connections to existing trail systems outside the county. The funding will be used to map trails using the Geographic Information System.
And an 82 year old Farmersville man is going to prison for grand larceny
Jerry D’Anna will spend 1 to 4 years in state prison — and restitution of nearly $76,000.