No Known Coronavirus Cases in New York

Cases if the flu are on the rise in the area, but so far, no reports of the coronavirus in the state.
The coronavirus is being closely monitored by the Centers for Disease Control, the New York State Department of Health, and locally the County Departments of Health.
As of Friday, samples from 22 New Yorkers had been sent to the CDC, with 16 cleared and six still pending.
The flu hasn’t peaked though. According to the latest statistics, 1,889 New Yorkers were hospitalized with the flu, and over 17,321 flu cases were reported.
Cattaraugus County lawmakers are expected to ask Governor Andrew Cuomo to reconsider plans to shift Medicaid costs back to the counties.
The state is planning to add at least $1 million to the county’s $19.5 million Medicaid bill for 2020.
A resolution seeking immediate consideration will be introduced Wednesday to point out that counties have no control over Medicade increases.