Red House Sawmill Restoration Underway

They restoring the historic Red House sawmill at Allegany State Park.
Several dozen volnteers gutted the old mill at the begining of the month.
porcupines damaged the wood wallboards and floorboards over the years.
Over two-thirds of the boards had to be removed.
REplacement boards are on order and should be ready for pick up in September or October.
The goal is for the historic sawmill to be repaired, so it can offer interpretive tours to the public.
If you’re gonna drive a boat in New York, you’ll need to pass a Safety training course.
Under legislation signed into law last week by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the state will phase in the requirement over five years, with younger boaters required to get training first. The rule won’t apply to non-motorized boats.
It’s up to the state commissioner of parks and recreation to approve specific training programs, which could include online courses.