Record Reptile Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

The Allegany man charged with keeping about 300 reptiles in his home has pleaded not guilty.
Last august authorities say they took hundreds of snakes, turtles and gila monsters from the home of 71 year old William Engelder. Some of the snakes were poisonous.
It was more reptiles than anyone had ever seized from a single home in New York.
An attorney for Engelder waived the reading of charges against him and pleaded not guilty.
He still hasn’t been indicted yet.
There may be more money flowing into Olean city sewer repairs.
The Common Council’s finance committee discussed adding $85,000 to the $250,000 already set aside to reline the sanitary sewer line running along the Allegheny River.
While most of the line to the wastewater treatment plant has been serviced, work is still needed from around Fourth Street to 12th Street, with a goal of 2021 for completion.