Shinglehouse Man Charged With Assaulting a Cop

A Shinglehouse man accused of assaulting a police officer was tasered and pepper sprayed before he was finally arrested.
29 year old Devin Jenkins is also accused of DUI.Police say Jenkins said he thought he was in Kane when they arrested him early Saturday morning. They said they found him passed out at the steering wheel of a pick-up truck that was stuck with the rear tires spinning with a bottle of whiskey on the seat. He’s in jail in lieu of $30,000 bail, and he is scheduled to appear in Central Court on Thursday.
The Salamanca library is going to need a new manager in a couple of weeks
Kirsten Woodin spent the last four years as manager bu tshe has a new job in Hudson Valley.
The Salamanca Library Board accepted Woodin’s resignation on Friday. They’re looking to hire someone to work about 15 hours a week.