Nine Suspected Drug Dealers Arrested in Olean

Nine more accused drug dealers are of the streets of Olean.
Police arrested them in one big roundup after they say the nine were selling crack cocaine and methamphetamine to police informants and under cover agents. The undercover operation went on for several months.
Police said all nine suspects were individual drug deals, and not connected.
They include 35 year old Laura Hall, 25 year old Davin Maull, 25 year old Jacob Hanigan, 23 year old Logan Shearer, 55 year old John Holland, 31 year old Michele King, 57 year old Louann Maull, 20 year old Savion Shaffer, 24 year old Shirley Jo Lee, and 31 year old Alex Craig.
Record high temperatures in Olean Tuesday appears to be the last gasp of summer.
Much cooler days are ahead . A cold front is expected to knock temperatures down to more normal readings for this time of the year, including freezing temperatures