CAReS Treatment Center Opening Delayed

The new CAReS treatment center in Westons Mills isn’t opening on time.
The drug treatment center was supposed to be completed this fall. But now it’s looking like it won’t open until early next year.
The executive director of CAReS, says there were unforeseen setbacks.
Construction work on the $1.9 million 16 bed expansion project began at the beginning of the year.
A Ma-chi-as man is charged with welfare fraud after authorities say he received food stamps in two different states.
29 year old Michael Wesley is accused of getting $1,200 in food stamps from New York and Georgia, after he moved to away to George.
Authorities reportedly found about $2,500 worth of crack cocaine and marijuana in a Garden Avenue apartment in Olean. It’s the fifth crack cocaine bust here this year. 42 year old Shariff James was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell.