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Allegany Subway Shop Burns Down

Fire invesetigators are still trying to determine the cause of a devesating fire at a Subway sandwich shop in Allegany.
There were two employees and customers inside the restaurant when the fire broke out, but everyone was able to get out safely.Nobody was hurt but the building was destroyed. It was reportedl reported shortly before 5 p.m. on Saturday.
but the front of the building was fully engulfed by the time crews arrived.
Part of a state highway has a new name, in honor of fallen soldier who died in the Iraq war.
Route 394 in Ellicott near Jamestown in Chataqua County, will be renamed Sgt. James C. Matteson Memorial Highway.
He was killed in Iraq in 2004. Andrew M. Cuomo signed the legislation Friday. Matteson was just 23 years old when he died in the battle of fullujah. He graduated from Southwestern Central School in 1998.

Barbershops and Hair Salons Included in Theft of Services

It’s now against the law for anyone to leave a hair salon or barber shop without paying.
It’s been just over eight months since the owner of WT Hair Salon in Olean pushed for the law. Someone had stiff him for $130 Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation Wednesday that adds barbershops, salons and beauty shops to the list of businesses protected by the state’s theft of services law. Businesses already protected include restaurants — against incidents of dine-and-dash — taxis, theaters, telephone and cable companies, hotels and even ski-lift operators.
Olean wants the state to OK grant program money to knock down four old houses…
The Common Council voted unanimously for a proposal to use money from four Community Development Block Grant programs to demolish the city-owned properties at 122 E. Henley St., 305 N. Seventh St., 331 N. 13th St. and 213 W. Greene St.
The Office of Community Renewal has to approve the request.

Area Unemployment Rates Drop

Unemployment rates are down in Cattaraugus and Allegany.
Both counties both had fewer people without jobs in August 2018 than a year ago according to the state Department of Labor.
There were 1,600 unemployed in August in Cattaraugus County in August, down from 2,000 a year ago.
In Allegany County, the unemployment rate was down a full percent from August 2017 to 5.2 percent.
An inmate at McKean County Jail was charged with escape after he reportedly walked away from a work detail.
28-year-old Michael Payne is looking at a single charge of escape. Bail is set for $15,000 in the new case, and Payne remains in McKean County Jail. According to the criminal complaint, Payne was allowed out of the jail ten days ago to perform community service hours from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the 3G Barn, just a short distance from the jail.

Another Olean Solar Farm Under Construction

Olean’s third solar farm is under construction.
it’s at a 17 acre former brownfield site between Homer Street and Interstate 86.
When it’s done, it’ll generate 3.3 megawatts of electricity.
It’s expected to save the city about $125,000 a year, or about $3.2 million over 25 years
It’s expected to be finished by the end of the year.
veterans can get a free flu shot this year at the VFW in Bradford.
A free clinic is going on from 10 a.m. to noon Oct. 20 at the VFW, on Barbour St.
And if you’re in a hurry, you can get a shot at the drive-thru. Veterans don’t need money, but they do need to show their VA ID card.
Walk-in flu clinics will be also be available at the Erie VA beginning Oct. 15, and at the VA Community Based Outpatient Clinics from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Seneca Party Picks Candidates

The seneca party candidates to run in the upcoming Seneca nation elections have been selected.
More than 1,500 Seneca Party members voted in a caucus.
the candidate for president on the Seneca Party ticket is Rickey Armstrong Sr.
Armstrong served as Seneca Nation president from 2002 to 2004, and has been a member of the Seneca Nation Council since 2014.
Matthew Pagels will be the Seneca Party candidate for treasurer and Bethany Johnson will be the candidate for clerk.
For the past 25 years a bit of local history has been buried. And we’ll get to see what’s inside the time capsule soon.
The city’s centennial time capsule will be opened later this year. The time capsule was sealed during what used to be the annual Johnny Appleseed Festival. The time capsule has been sitting in front of the Olean Municipal Building since september 26, 1993.

$20M Solar Facilty Proposed for Ashford

Someone wants to put a $20 million solar facility in Ashford and they say it lower electric bills for 1,500 people and small businesses.
West Valley Solar already has put two solar farms up in Olean and is working on a third.
The solar farm is planned for near Buttermilk Road in Ashford.
The IDA has scheduled a public hearing on the project for Oct. 9 at 10 a.m. at the Ashford Community Center in West Valley.
Portville Central School’s oldest graduate is officially 93-year-old Tony Wilson.
He never got to finish highschool because at 17 he went off to fight world war two. They susprised Wilson Friday night with a diploma at Portville’s Wall of Fame ceremony. He thought he was simply being inducted into PCS’s Athletic Wall of Fame. The ceremony was held inside the school’s gym because of heavy thunderstorms.

Man Arrested After Threat at Hindsdale Central School

A gun threat at Hindsdale led to a school lockout and eventually an arrest.
A Frewsburg man reportedly sent a threatening message to a Hinsdale Central School student.
The 17-year-old student reported the threat to school officials.
20 year old Nicholas McChesney allegedly sent a threatening text message saying he had a gun and that the school should be “locked.”
McChesney reportedly acknowledged that he was having mental health difficulties and agreed to be evaluated at a local hospital. He was taken to Cattaraugus County Jail in lieu of $5,000 bail or $10,000 bond.
The Harvest Moon Gala is sold out.
The 21st Harvest Moon Gala benefit for the Genesis House homeless shelter opens its doors today at the Old Library restaurant.
The annual event begins at 6 tonight.
last year, 59 families, including 49 children, were given shelter and 28 men stayed at the men’s shelter.

FEMA Money to be used to fight terrorism

About 160-thousand dollars is coming to Cattaraugus County to fight terrorism and prepare for emergencies.
The federal grant is part of nearly $224 million in funding provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency through its Homeland Security Grant Program. The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services says the priorities are cybersecurity programs and policies, seeing that law enfocement can share information better.
A state grant would help Olean home demolish run down homes. And the city already has the money in the bank.
according to Keri Kerper, the coordinator of the city’s Office of Community Development, the city can use a Community Development Block Grant to tear down four homes. Classifying the demolitions as an urgent need allows the funds to be used for the work, she said. the homes are on East Henley St., North Seventh St., North 13th St. and West Greene St.

Reed and Mitrano Debate Over Debate Schedule

Congressional opponents Tom Reed and Tracy Mitrano couldn’t wait for their three debates to begin.
They’re debating already over how many debates they should have.
Tracy Mitrano wants more debates and to include the Finger Lakes area.
The 23rd Congressional District candidates first agreed to face off in three debates leading up to the Nov. 6 election. The events will be on Oct. 24 in Jamestown; on Oct. 30, on tv in Corning; and on Nov. 1, in Olean.
Mitrano is from the Finger Lakes area But Reed and his campaign say three debates is standard.
Southern Tier Anesthesiologists supporters are planning to rally tomorrow in Lincoln Park
They say they’re ‘not giving up yet. Olean General Hospital announced last month that it’s ending a 24-year relationship with STA and instead going with Great Lakes Anesthesiology from Buffalo. Great Lakes will take over once STA’s contract expires Dec. 31.

Cattaraugus County to Vote on Public Defender Resolutions

Two resolutions dealing with a $242,000 grant for indigent legal services are on the agenda for the Cattaraugus County Legislature committees tomorrow. The County Operations/Public Safety and Finance committees will talk about accepting a three-year grant to keep several programs running in the Cattaraugus County Public Defender’s Office. First the county has to apply with the state Office of Indigent Legal Services. Another resolution divides the grant by amount by year. If the grant isn’t recieved, assistant public defenders’ salaries would drop to what they were paid sxi years ago.
an area LGBT group is trying to raise Alzheimer’s awareness with fundraiser
COLORS will donate the money to get electronic monitoring bracelets that can locate Alzheimer’s patients. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, six in 10 people with Alzheimer’s wander off at some point.
The event is scheduled for Saturday. . Last September COLORS held a fundraiser for breast cancer survivors.