Cattaraugus County Working To Save Ash Trees

The Cattaraugus County Legislature is trying to save the ash trees in county forests from insects.
To help manage the county forests, “Dick” Giardini, of Allegany, and Richard Helmich, of Delevan, are sponsoring a resolution to set up a Reserve A for Reforestation. Snyder said he hopes the reforestation fund will improve access to the county forests including hiking trails and other recreational activities.
The money would also be available for some needed forestry management, he added.
The resolution on creating the reserve account for reforestation will come before the Public Works Committee tomorrow.
The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford is holding an earth day and arbor day celebration Friday.
It includes making pet rocks, a contest to identify birds and trees, speed recycling, 2-liter bottle bowling and making “green” laundry soap.
Club members will also be selling lettuce plants and have information on local trails.