Erie County Teachers Given Baseball Bats To Fight Gunmen

Teachers in Erie county’s Millcreek Township School District have been given weapons to help them if a shooter walks into their school… mini 16 inch baseball bats.
Teachers aren’t expected to confront a gunman with the bats, schools according to Superintendent William Hall. He says The bats are more symbolic than anything. But he also says that hiding and waiting isn’t a good plan for teachers. He says one of the options is to fight the gunman.
The district ordered 600 baseball bats, including some that will be placed in offices and in other areas in schools. The cost was about $1,800, Hall said.
Olean’s getting $30k to help run the historic Bartlett House where folks learn about the history of Olean since it’s founding in 1808. Most of the money’s coming from an anonymous donor. The money means the city won’t have to eliminate programming at the house or lay off city Historian and Bartlett House Director Dave Deckman.