Hindsdale Project Work Progressing

The Hinsdale Central School District says the capital project is underway, even if it can’t be seen.
voters approved the $4.8 million project about six months ago. It was the second proposal. Voters said no to a $6.8 million version that would have raised taxes. School officials say architects are working hard on the design phase of the project. The Board of Education has reviewed sketches and they’re planning to visit other local districts with similar upgrades. And a state agency has approved one aspect of the project.
The Seneca Nation president called the news encouraging that JKLM Energy won’t pursue wastewater treatment services at the facility by Epiphany Allegheny. JKLM announced Friday it would not use the Epiphany plant. The plant’s a proposed site to treat wastewater from hydraulic-fracturing drilling operations in Potter County, Pa. Seneca Nation President Todd Gates said. he hopes that Epiphany will follow suit and also walk away.