New York Legislature Adds Crimes To No-Gun List

Getting a gun legally in New York could get a lot harder for people who are convicted of domestic violence crimes. A new bill in the legislature adds 10 new crimes to a list of “serious offenses” and conviction means they can’t own a gun. The charges include menacing, criminal tampering, harassment and trespassing.
The bill also says when a pistol permit is suspended or revoked, that includes all guns — including rifles and shotguns. The law would extend provisions on surrendering handguns for orders of protection, conviction or mental health disqualifications to include rifles and shotguns.
The bill will become effective 60 days after it passes.
Rep. Tom Reed says he’s concerned about the upcoming census count, but not the controversial citizenship question Reed says he expects New York will continue to lose congressional seats after the next census in 2020, refused to criticize the citizenship question that has not been used in more than 60 years.