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Autopsies For Two Dead Bodies Ordered

Police found the bodies of two men over the weekend – one in Chataqua county, another in Cattaraugus county.
Police say they don’t think the deaths are releated, but not much else as they invesetigate.
A driver reported the first body off state route 20 in Portland. He was a white man in his 40’s or maybe 50’s. A few hours later, the second body was found off Swanson Hill Road in Randolph.
Both bodies are scheduled for autopsy at the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo to determine the identity and cause of death.
Fixing up the Veterans Memorial Park in Salamanca is on the Recreation Commission meeting agenda tonight. They’ve talked for months about renovations or repairs to the athletic fields.
The tentative plans include adding artificial turf for bigger events on the fields. They could remove some trees install locker rooms, building a new playground and re-positioning the football and lacrosse field could also be considered.

St. Bonaventure Holds First Responders Drill

You can’t be prepared for everything, but you can try.
St. Bonaventure first responders put their plan together for what happens if someone walked into the school and started shooting. about 130 police officers, EMTs and campus security personnel took part in the drill. they even held a mock press conference with university officials afterward.
St. Bonaventure President Dr. Dennis DePerro said in a statement emergency drills are important not only for the campus community, but for the law enforcement agencies and emergency responders who need to understand the university’s emergency plan and facilities.
Superheros are going to chruch in Olean this weekend. They’re the subject at Hillside Wesleyan Church where they’re planning a four-week sermon series on how Bible heroes and comic book heroes are pretty much the same. Rev. Dan Todd says he knows what he’s talking about. He’s been a comic book fan since he was kid. He’ll do more than talk, he says he’s showing clips of the newest Marvel movie,

Bon Ton Going Out of Business

It’s bye bye to Bon Ton. one of the Olean Center Mall’s anchor stores is going out of business and will begin closing down its remaining stores after a bankruptcy judge said she would approve the sale of the retailer’s assets. The highest bidders at a bankruptcy proceeding were two liquidation firms. Bon Ton operates 257 stores in 24 states under seven brand names. A complete liquidation will leave mall owners scrambling to fill the huge gaps at their properties. The stores will close within the next 10 to 12 weeks.
Anyone convicted of domestic abuse in New York will now have to turn over their guns.
A new bill, expected to be signed by Governor Cuomo adds convictions of some violent misdemeanors in domestic abuse cases to the list of crimes that prohibit gun possession.
The bill becomes law 60 days after it is signed by Cuomo. The violent misdemeanors include menacing, assault and unlawful imprisonment.

St. Bonaventure Golf Course Restaurant To Remain Closed

The Clubhouse Restaurant at the St. Bonaventure Golf Course in Allegany will stay empty.
Plans to open the doors this spring along have been scrapped. University officials say it needs repairs and usually doesn’t make enough money to justify it. So the restaurant will be closed for the rest of the year and maybe longer.
The boiler needs to be upgraded, so does the heating and ventilation system, the plumbing and air conditioning.
The Nannen Arboretum Society is looking for volunteers to help cleanup the arboretum’s grounds. It’s kind of messy after recent snow and wind storms left tree branches of all sizes all over the property.
The first cleanup day is scheduled for Friday from 9 a.m. to noon. There are other cleanup days at the same time on Saturday, May 12 and Thursday, May 17. The society says most of the debris can be simply be picked up by hand.

Cattaraugus County Working To Save Ash Trees

The Cattaraugus County Legislature is trying to save the ash trees in county forests from insects.
To help manage the county forests, “Dick” Giardini, of Allegany, and Richard Helmich, of Delevan, are sponsoring a resolution to set up a Reserve A for Reforestation. Snyder said he hopes the reforestation fund will improve access to the county forests including hiking trails and other recreational activities.
The money would also be available for some needed forestry management, he added.
The resolution on creating the reserve account for reforestation will come before the Public Works Committee tomorrow.
The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford is holding an earth day and arbor day celebration Friday.
It includes making pet rocks, a contest to identify birds and trees, speed recycling, 2-liter bottle bowling and making “green” laundry soap.
Club members will also be selling lettuce plants and have information on local trails.

Olean Library To Hold Budget Hearing Tuesday

The Olean Public Library has its budget hearing tomorrow and its annual budget vote a few weeks later.
The library board wants over a million dolars in $1.04 million — $20,000 more than last year.
That board want $1,000 more this year to buy books and DVDs to $83,000 for the books and and $3,000 for new dvds. and an additional $500 to buy audio books. If you want to see the budget yourself, it’s available for review at the information desk in the library.
Another Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce Home Show is in the books. The 47th annual home show attracted crowds to the William O. Smith Recreation Center with what observers say was a decent number over the weekend . There were 84 vendors with products on display.
A 46 year old Olean man was arrested after allegedly punhcing an Attica police officer who came to help David Woods get his car out of a ditch.

Erie County Teachers Given Baseball Bats To Fight Gunmen

Teachers in Erie county’s Millcreek Township School District have been given weapons to help them if a shooter walks into their school… mini 16 inch baseball bats.
Teachers aren’t expected to confront a gunman with the bats, schools according to Superintendent William Hall. He says The bats are more symbolic than anything. But he also says that hiding and waiting isn’t a good plan for teachers. He says one of the options is to fight the gunman.
The district ordered 600 baseball bats, including some that will be placed in offices and in other areas in schools. The cost was about $1,800, Hall said.
Olean’s getting $30k to help run the historic Bartlett House where folks learn about the history of Olean since it’s founding in 1808. Most of the money’s coming from an anonymous donor. The money means the city won’t have to eliminate programming at the house or lay off city Historian and Bartlett House Director Dave Deckman.

Coudersport drops support for fracking waste plant

The Epiphany Fracking waste water plant plan could be going down the drain.
The Coudersport Area Municipal Authority has ended it’s support for the fracking wastewater treatment plant. The Authority unanimously voted to end its connection to Epiphany Environmental , a Pittsburgh-based firm planning a $1 million wastewater treatment plant along the Allegheny River.
CAMA Chairman Bill Krog said the board made it’s decision after months of listening to residents at their meetings.
No one from Epiphany was at the meeting.
Allegany County Sheriff Ricky L. Whitney says he’s not done yet. He wants a third term in office.
Whitney announced that he’s a candidate after releasing his department’s 2017 annual report.
Whitney was born and raised in Angelica and began his careeer there as a part-time deputy. He later became a full-time patrolman, then police chief before being elected sheriff. He was unopposed in his second year, but is now facing a primary challenge in September from a fellow Republican hopeful, Walt Mackney.

FAA Investigating Fatal Helicopter Crash

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are still trying to figure out why a helicopter crashed, killing two people north of Smethport over the weekend.
The helicopter was carrying a crew working on power lines.
33 year old Shane Filkins of West Virginia and 35 yer old Michael Koon of South Carolina died.
A third man was injured. He was transported to a hospital in Erie with arm and leg injuries, accoriding to reports. State police say the helicopter was hovering by a power line while workers were tethered to the aircraft to work on the lines.
A Bradford woman is in McKean County Jail after allegedly shooting her boyfriend saturday.
33 year old joann Hull called 911 to report the shooting. Lloyd Baribeau was shot “in the pelvic area.”
in an incident on Saturday. Police say she allegedly admitted to shooting Baribeau during a domestic dispute. She’s been charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

Hindsdale Project Work Progressing

The Hinsdale Central School District says the capital project is underway, even if it can’t be seen.
voters approved the $4.8 million project about six months ago. It was the second proposal. Voters said no to a $6.8 million version that would have raised taxes. School officials say architects are working hard on the design phase of the project. The Board of Education has reviewed sketches and they’re planning to visit other local districts with similar upgrades. And a state agency has approved one aspect of the project.
The Seneca Nation president called the news encouraging that JKLM Energy won’t pursue wastewater treatment services at the facility by Epiphany Allegheny. JKLM announced Friday it would not use the Epiphany plant. The plant’s a proposed site to treat wastewater from hydraulic-fracturing drilling operations in Potter County, Pa. Seneca Nation President Todd Gates said. he hopes that Epiphany will follow suit and also walk away.