Olean Company Gets Space Shot

That dummy in a spacesuit that Elon Musk shot into orbit in a red convertible had the help of an Olean company. Bearings manufactured at Napoleon Engineering Services were used in the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket. A total of 56 NES bearings were inside the Heavy, which is now the most powerful rocket in operation. The launch of the Heavy marked the first time such a powerful rocket had been launched into space by a commercial company, as opposed to a government space agency like NASA.
An adult prom is giving some parents a chance to relive their youth
About 250 people will get a do-over of prom night at an “adult prom” and fundraiser.
It’s scheduled for april 14 at the former Allegany High School.
A Little Valley man is facing a felony strangulation charge after authorities responded to a reported domestic dispute at his home Sunday.
43 year old Lionel Isaman, was charged with second-degree strangulation.