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U.S. Rep. Reed Favors Armed School Guards

U.S. Rep. Tom Reed says he’s on board with paying for armed guards at schools and stronger background checks for people buying guns. And Reed says he’s not against arming teachers with deadly weapons in the classroom.
Reed said he was also willing to vote to ban bump stocks, the assault rifle attachment that makes a semi automatic rifle fire like an automatic. The Las Vegas killer used one of those.
He said he was also willing to increase the age to purchase some weapons to 21.
The OLEAN Council is starting a grant program to help lower-income entrepreneurs get their own business.
The Council unanimously approved a plan to with Olean Business Development to start a $200,000 Community Development Block Grant Microenterprise program.
The grant can give up to $35,000 per person.
Olean Police say they found a fugitive wanted by immigration authorities driving a stolen car.
ICE police will pick up 63 year old Shirley Ann Fara-gelli, for a deportation hearing.

Cattaraugus County Sheriff Wants Armed Guards in School

Cattaraugus County Sheriff Timothy Whitcomb and Assemblyman Joseph Giglio, a former law enforcement officer himself are joining forces with Randolph Central School Superintendent Kaine Kelly on a plan that would put guns and metal detectors in Cattaraugus and Chataqua county schools.
Whitcomb will meet with those county school superintendents next month to talk about beefing up school security.
The sheriff says armed guards in every school is something that can be done overnight.
Whitcomb said that before the March 12 meeting with school superintendents, assessments will be made of schools.
The Olean Gateway hotel has recieved an extension from the planning board. Developers hope to get the hotel project started in the summer.
The board approved a new extension of the site plan and special use permits for the construction of a hotel at 1404 Buffalo St. They’re hoping for a 90-room Marriott hotel.
The need for the extension comes from delays with the state.

Cattaraugus County Sheriff Wants More School Security

Cattaraugus County Sheriff Timothy Whitcomb wants our schools to have more security and he wants it right now.
He says he wants a single point of entry with armed guards making sure that nobody gets in with a gun.
Whitcomb will meet with other area school superintendents next month to talk about how to do it and how to pay for it. He says he knows it’ll be expensive to add more security but he says it’ll be worth it.

A Bradford church is hosting an ‘active shooter training’.
It’ll happen at Foursquare Gospel Church on Sullivan Road at 7 o’clock tonight.
It’s a 90-minute program and the church leaders say it’s a proactive response for places of worship to prepare and protect their congregation, It’s free and open to the public.
It’ll center on an active shooter video created by the international church of Foursquare Gospel in Los Angeles. McKean County Sheriff Dan Woods will also speak.

Cattaraugus County Public Defender to Retire

There’ll be a new head of the Cattaraugus County Public Defener;s office for the first time in 15 years.
Mark Williams started the department by himself in 2003 but he’s retiring tomorrow.
His first assistant, Darryl Bloom has been suggested as his successor beginning March 1st.
Bloom has been with the Public Defender’s Office for 10 years.
The public defenders are appointed by the court to defend poor and indigent people who’re accused of a crime and can’t afford an attorney on their own. ————————————————————————————————————
Police say a man from Steamburg kept them pretty busy Friday night.
They say they arrested 20 year old Austin Jimerson for marijuana possesion once, and then 13-hours later they arrested for marijuana possession again.
The first arrested happeend on Route 219 in Great Valley. The second arrest was at Route 219 near Peth Road. Jimerson was issued an appearance ticket on each charge for a later court date.

Allegany-Limestone To Appoint A New Superintendent

Allegany-Limestone has a new superintendent after a four month search and 15 applicants.
Cattaraugus-Little Valley High School principal Tony Giannicchi has been named to the job.
Giannicchi will take office April first and make $142,500 a year.
Giannicchi has been principal at the Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School District for 11 years, first at the middle school and for the last five years at the high school.
former Superintendent Dr. Karen Geelan resigned last fall to take a new job.

Legislators will vote next week to set public hearing for March 14 on a proposed opioid nuisance law .
Cattaraugus County was in the top 10 for counties in opioid prescriptions per capita.
Three other area counties, Chautauqua, Erie and Niagara, are in the top 10 too.
There were 14 heroin/opioid deaths in Cattaraugus County in each of the last two years. So far there has been one death attributed to a heroin/opioid overdose this year.

U.S. Rep. Reed Opposes Assault Weapon Ban

Count U.S. Rep. Tom Reed as one who doesn’t want an assault weapons ban in the wake of the latest school massacre by someone using an assault rifle.
Reedtold reporters he’s committed to doing whatever he can to prevent another school mass killing but not banning assault weapons.
Reed said he could support more thorough background checks and stepped-up efforts to detain violent people with mental illnesses.

An Andover man arrested in Wellsville for having heroin last fall pleaded guilty but he’s not going to jail.
23 year old Zackery Truax was sentenced to five years probation. He will also have to pay a $325 surcharge and DNA fee. Three others were also charged, including 25 year old Christopher White of Wellsville, who was sentenced last week to six months in Allegany County Jail and five years probation.
The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Mike Finn.

Olean Company Gets Space Shot

That dummy in a spacesuit that Elon Musk shot into orbit in a red convertible had the help of an Olean company. Bearings manufactured at Napoleon Engineering Services were used in the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket. A total of 56 NES bearings were inside the Heavy, which is now the most powerful rocket in operation. The launch of the Heavy marked the first time such a powerful rocket had been launched into space by a commercial company, as opposed to a government space agency like NASA.
An adult prom is giving some parents a chance to relive their youth
About 250 people will get a do-over of prom night at an “adult prom” and fundraiser.
It’s scheduled for april 14 at the former Allegany High School.
A Little Valley man is facing a felony strangulation charge after authorities responded to a reported domestic dispute at his home Sunday.
43 year old Lionel Isaman, was charged with second-degree strangulation.

Wellsville Siemens Plant to Close in 2020

About 250 people are being put out of work at the Siemens Power Generation Services plant in Wellsville over the next two years.
According to a report in the Olean Times Herald, the work will be transferred to North Carolina and other Siemens facilities.
Officials said up to 50 employees will be offered jobs in new sites, and some people will be kept on to help with the transition. The rest will be laid off in stages.
According to the spokesperson, the announcement does not affect the Olean or Painted Post operations.

Police say the death of a man found on the ice in northwestern Pennsylvania was an accident.
The Erie County Coroner says the body of 65-year-old Thomas Fields of Buffalo died of hypothermia.
The Coroner says Fields used to live in Erie and was visiting family but he wandered away at about midnight. Erie police say surveillance video shows him alone when he fell from the dock

Ellicottville Brewing Expanding Again

Ellicottville Brewing Company is expanding into Little Valley to go along with it’s craft brew pubs in Ellicottville, Fredonia and Lakewood.
The company bought the old Salamanca Beverage building and will put a $6 million brewery and pub in it’s place in a few months. The brewery is currently under construction. The craft brewery may be open as early as April.

Tops Friendly Markets us reportedly ready to file for bankruptcy.
According to a report by Bloomberg News, it could come as early as next as next month.
The supermarket chain is based in Williamsville and has stores in Olean, Ellicottville and Randolph, Wellsville and Bradford. In all, there are about 170 stores in four different states
Bloomberg reported that the move would allow the company to seek court protection from its creditors. A 2017 report from Reuters said the supermarket chain had a $723 million debt load.

Cattaraugus County Legislature Requests Extension For Pistol Permits

Gun owners need a break, according to Cattaraugus County lawmakers. They’re asking the state for an extension to the pistol permit recertification deadline that passed two weeks ago.
The county legislature voted unanimously to approve a resolution supporting bills in the state Assembly and Senate to extend the recertification 18 months. It was co-sponsored by 15 legislators.
The resolution, proposed earlier this month by the nine members of the county legislature’s new bipartisan majority, was amended in committees last week to include language declaring the SAFE Act was violating the Second Amendment and calling for its repeal.
The Olean City School District Board of Education plans to review their sexual harassment polices and other Civil Rights issues. The board unanimously agreed to renew policies that regarded equal educational and employment opportunities; complaints by students; sexual harassment of district personnel and students; program policies for athletics and career and technical education; the Dignity for All Students Act; and aprts of the Rehabilitation Act.