Tractor-trailer hits DOT truck on I-86

A tractor-trailer hit a parked state Department of Transportation vehicle on Interstate 86.
Luckily, nobody was hurt too badly.
New York State Police say there were only minor injuries reported. The damage was extensive to the tractor-trailer though. It happened just west of the Exit 27 interchange with Route 16.
A tractor-trailer hit a large electric sign used to signal drivers to move into another lane, and a snow plow truck with road patching material was also hit.
The driver of the tractor-trailer was trapped inside for a time after the crash.
The election is finally over in the Portville Fire District. Voters broke a pair of ties.
Charles Henton beat Charles Sincalir for a five-year term on the board of commissioners.
And Al Scott defeated Jason North for a two-year incomplete term on the board.
both had tied in a Dec. 12 election. New York state law requires a new ballot within 45 days of the first tie vote.