School Bus Rollover

A school bus rolled over and slid down an embankment in Onoville, in Cattaraugus County.

Three people were on the bus, including a four year old. The bus monitor was hurt and taken to the hospital for treatment.

It happened near Bone Run Road and West Perimeter Road shortly before 7 Tuesday morning.

The bus flipped over several times before coming to a stop at the bottom of the steep embankment.


It was a drug deal that did not go down as Wellsville man thought it would. Police say 25 year old Brandon Murray thought he was selling Suboxone to a drug user last January. But he was wrong. The customer was an agent of the Wellsville Police Department. Suboxone, is a prescription drug used to treat people addicted to opiods, like pain killers and heroin.

Now Murray will spend the next five years of his live on probation for dealing drugs.

He was also fined $375.