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Olean Police Make Three Meth Making Arrests

Olean police say three more meth makers are in jail.
They’ve arrested 40 year old Diana Shaffer, 33 year old Christoper Winship and 19 year old Savion Shaffer for reportedly runnign a meth lab out of an Irving Street apartment.
Savion Shaffer, who was arrested after allegedly leading police on a foot chase Tuesday, is Diana Shaffer’s nephew.
The New York Senate’s sexual harassment policy is under fire today.
And addition to warn women who make false accusations as part of the anti harrassment policy is being called a type of intimidation that keeps harassment victims from reporting a crime, says the only female leader of a legislative conference in Albany.
Andrea Stewart-Cousins, leader of the Republican-controlled chamber’s Democratic conference, responded to Monday’s distribution of the new policy to senators and staff, pointing out that she wasn’t included in discussions about the revisions despite her leadership position in the Legislature.

Cuba-Rushford Man Named Rural Teacher of the Year

The National Rural Teacher of the Year lives and works right here in the twin tiers.
Cuba-Rushford Central School District teacher Scott Jordan was honored in October at the National Rural Education Association’s 109th annual convention in Columbus, Ohio. But it took until now before the award could be hand delivered. the National Rural Teacher of the Year Award goes to a teacher whose curriculum is not only rigorous, but also allows students to impact their community
A man arrested last year in a door-to-door scam has been arrested again for the same crime.
Douglas Reed was arrested just over a year ago for knocking on Olean doors and asking for money with a made up story. Olean police arrested him again Monday night for the same thing.
He’s charged with fraud. Police say he told residents his car broke down and he needed money to get home, and promised to pay them back

Developers Weighing Options on Crossroads Center

What’s going in to the 32-acre site at the former truck stop at Interstate 86, Route 19 and Route 20 in Olean?
It appears the majority of people favors an event center and a cracker barrell restaurant
Developers met with a capacity crowd to get feedback on their $15 million master plan.
The developers have narrowed the choice down to two hotel chains.
The restaurant options are Cracker Barrel, Tim Horton’s and Denny’s.

A 7-year-old boy has died in an early-morning fire at his home in Buffalo and firefighters say other occupants were taken to the hospital.
The name of the boy who died Monday has not been released.
Crews arrived about 2:30 a.m. and found heavy flames at the white, two-story home in the city’s Lovejoy neighborhood.
It’s not immediately known how many people lived in the house or how many were injured.

Olean Jail Entering Digital Era

Olean’s jail is entering the digital era. The jail will begin keeping a digital log book
Jailers and dispatchers will use an electronic sensor to check on prisoners in their cells every half hour.
Police are making the switch because one of their dispatchers was arrested last year for allegedly lying about how often she checked on a prisoner who committed suicide. Police Chief Jeff Rowley tells the Olean Times Herald they thought it was money well spent to try to prevent something like that from happening again.
And Olean Police will also make digital recording of suspect questionings. Olean police are one of 29 departments across the state that will receive grants to bring the department up to date.\ by April when a new state law requiring it takes effect.
This’ll be the first time that Olean police have recorded interrogations. But Chief says it wont change how the officers conduct interviews.

James Snyder Selected to Replace Paula Stockman

Cattaraugus County Legislators elected James Snyder, a republican from Olean as chairman. It was a unanimous decision.
Snyder succeeds the late Paula Stockman, who died earlier this month. He has served more than 35 years as a county legislator.
He was chairman in the 1970s and 1980s.
Snyder appointed Susan Labuhn, a Salamanca Democrat, to the vice chairman’s post. Labuhn said she was stepping down as minority leader and would be succeeded by John Padlo, a Democrat from Olean. ————————————————————————————————————-
A photoshopped image of the Chuck E Cheese logo on the former Kmart building with Olean Mayor Bill Aiello at a ribbon-cutting ceremony apparently fooled a lot of people.
The doctored photo had the caption, “COMING SOON: Chuck E. Cheese’s of Olean at the old Kmart building.”
Even though it’s not true, it had been shared on Facebook more than 1,000 times.
According to the Olean Times Herals, the photo was created in about 10 minutes by 25 year old Luke Wenke,

Racially Insensitive Twitter Post Divides St. Bonaventure University

A St. Bonaventure University student’s racially insensitive social media post takes a stab at the struggles of civil rights icon Rosa Parks. An Instagram photo and caption on Twitter shows a white student on the back of a bus, with a caption that it’s not that bad, a clear reference to civil right’s icon Rosa Parks’ stand against racial segreation in Alabama in 1955.
St. Bonaventure President Dr. Dennis DePerro called the post “racially insensitive”in an email to students and said they need to educate students what it means to respect the dignity of each individual.” The Student Government Association s will help host a forum on the incident at 11:30 a.m. Thursday in the Damietta Center for Multicultural Student Affairs.
the final Winter Break Kids’ Art Camp in allegany is scheduled for later next month.
at the Cattaraugus County Arts Council. Then, art camp moves to it’s new home in Olean.
The camps open to kids 4 to 11 on Feb. 19-23

Police Seek Missing Olean Teen

An Olean teenager’s been missing since Sunday. The Olean Police Department is searching for 18 year old Emily Wilder, who’s from Olean and Salamanca, The last time her family saw her was on Sunday night at 6:30 when she left her mother’s residence on Indiana Avenue in Olean. Wilder also stays with her father on Jefferson Avenue in Salamanca.
She’s 5-foot-7, 160 pounds has blonde hair and brown eyes. She may be in the company of a 23-year-old Native American female
Call the police if you know where she is or if you see her.
The Olean Police Department says someone’s stealing from cars parked outside the Pines Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center.
The thefts happened Saturday outside the Olean Pines on West State St.
Olean police have released photos of two suspects, a man and a woman. The man is seen wearing a dark hoodie and glasses. The woman is wearing a pink hoodie and hat, and holding a small child.

Republicans Oppose Proposed Budget Taxes and Fees

Republican’s aren’t buying what Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls “revenue actions” and “revenue raisers.”
They say they’re taxes and New Yorkers are taxed enough.
About $1 billion in new taxes in the state budget proposal raised the anger of Republicans in the Legislature.
Senate Republican leader John Flanagan’s just said no when asked if fellow republicans were likely to support the new taxes and fees.
The governor’s $168 billion spending plan includes different ways to close a projected $4.4 billion budget gap, from a new vehicle safety inspection fee to a surcharge for opioid manufacturers to cover some of the state’s costs from the drug epidemic.
Another crack dealer is off the streets according to Bradford police.
26 year old Sarah Lewis was arrested over the weekend on charges that she took part in a crack cocaine deal in April.
Police say A confidential informant called a phone number belonging to Sarah and arranged a crack cocaine deal for $100.

Sex Offender Charged With Welfare Fraud

Police say former Olean High School special education teacher Robert Washington is not only a sex offender, he’s a welfare cheat too.
Washington and his elderly mother Helen have been charged with welfare fraud.
Helen was charged with four counts of fraud, Robert was charged with five counts of fraud for claims he made to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Home Energy Assistance Program and other public assistance applications. He pleaded guilty in April to third-degree criminal sex act and was recently released from Cattaraugus County Jail. While employed by the Olean City School District in the spring of 2016, he abused a 13-year-old male student.
An Ohio man who reportedly abandoned nearly a dozen cows on his Coldspring property is wanted by the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Department.
42 year old Charles Brickman is accused of violating agriculture and market laws with cruelty to animals and abandonment of animals.
deputies say he abandoned the cows without food, water or shelter.

Salamanca Pot Hole Problems

If you drive on Central avenue in Salamanca, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is the number of axl rattling pot holes. The good news is the city is fixing them.
Rough road signs are up on Central Avenue and the city’s closed part of the southbound lane near Hickory Street because it’s too bad to drive.

A couple of alleged pot farmers have been arrested and charged in Olean. 35 year olds Jody and Shane Kenjockety of Hinsdale, were charged with possession of over 10 pounds of marijuana. and growing it.
Police say the murder investigation into the killing of Ray Cornelius is at a standstill and they’re asking for help.
He was shot to death over the fourth of July weekend in his Allegany County home.
Six months later, state police are still trying to find the person responsible.
police found fingerprints and DNA but havent found a match.