Wellsville Students’ Science Project Chosen For Space Mission

6 Wellsville High School seniors are getting a shot at space science. their science experiment has been chosen by NASA and will be performed by scientists on the international space station. And the kids are going to floridia to watch their experiment blast off into orbit.
their science project, aims to find the effects of Vitamin C on planarian regeneration. its one of just 32 experiments in the national student spaceflight experiments program.
the winter weather is being blamed for a number of minor car accidents in Cattaraugus and Allegany Counties early Monday morning.
Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher reported that “four or five cars went off the road” in the Yorkshire, Ashford and Peters Road area of 219. One was a fender bender involving two cars while the rest were one-car accidents.
Allegany County Sheriff’s Office reports there were “a few” accidents, the total number was unavailable, but none leading to injury.