Poll Workers Getting a Break

One little word will make a big difference for poll workers putting in really long hours on election days in New York. A new state law changes the word half shift to split shift. That simple change lets poll workers take shifts shorter than the 16-hour marathons for general elections and nine-hour shifts for primary elections, as long as there is at least one poll worker from each major party working at one time.
The bill was signed into law by Governor Cumo Tuesday.
There hasn’t been a ribbon cutting at the William O.Smith Recreation Center, but area hockey teams have been getting a good first look at the new $3.26 million upgrade.
Pitt-Bradford, Olean youth hockey, St. Bonaventure and Alfred University club teams have been breaking in the new ice since last MOnday. Work began on the center in the spring, but it’s not finished yet. They still need to upgrade the pool.