Bradford Payroll Officer Charged With Theft

A Bradford woman’s accused of stealing over $100,000 from the city by paying herself for overtime work that she never did. 64 year old Bonita Hillyard was in charge of payroll for the city. She was a city employee for 18 years Now she’s charged with 69 counts of theft and tampering with records.
Police say they installed tracking software on her computer, and it showed she was processing claims at work but she said she was doing it on weekends and after hours, and billing the city extra.
Police said in one example she processed seven claims in 28 minutes at work, but billed overtime of 13.5 hours for it.
The rain’s put Cattaraugus County’s road construction season behind schedule. he city’s about two to three weeks behind schedule Mark Burr, Public Works director of engineering told the Olean Times Herald.
The city has more than $27 million in road, bridge and culvert projects on the 2017 schedule.