Allegany County Firefighters Convention Begins

For the 102nd time, Allegany County firemen are gettign toether for their annual convention starting today thru Saturday. Today’s just for meetings, bu things pick up after that. Thursday’s the annual waterball competition where teams try to be the first to push a suspended ball on a cable thru a goalpost.
Friday is nozzle practice, with three classes competing against each other. Saturday will be the main event, with a truck rodeo a parade and music and awards presentations.
An Olean man is getting probation for stabbing a man last September.
28 year old Guy Ackley II will spend three years probation for second-degree menacing. He pleaded guilty to the charge. He was accused of stabbing a man Sept. 11 in Cuba. He was initially charged with first-degree assault, a class B felony, third-degree criminal mischief, a class E felony, second-degree menacing and resisting arrest.