NY Legislators Split on Fighting Heroin

NY legislators are weighing their options when it comes to fighting the spread ofheroin and other opiods.
The Legislature added $214 millions to prevent and treat addiction. But other new laws to put heroin dealers away for longer stalled. Republicans want to increase penalties for dealers. Democrats said rising rates of addiction and overdose show the decades-long war on drugs isn’t working, and that the state should prioritize treatment and rehabilitation over punishment.
Port Allegany officials are trying to fix the flooding on Main Street.
flooding. one of the things being done is replacing the catch basins on Smith Avenue and Church Street, and put in larger pipes. Another suggestion was to connect Smith Avenue all the way to the Chestnut Spring to create an overflow that will prevent some of the flooding proglems. the estimated cost of the replacements is $4,000; Borough officials approved of the project. it’ll begin this year.