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Korean War Vet Honored

Korean War veteran Herman Foster found out how much his community in Richburg thinks of him and his service to his county. They held a benefit to honor the local hero and present him with a reconditioned 2006 cadillac. Foster’s 85 and disabled. Foster served in the Marine Corps and received three Purple Hearts.
The non-profit Operation Build Up program made the surprise gift during the Southern Tier Wounded Warrior Benefit Sunday in Allegany Fireman’s Park.
A convicted sex offender is in trouble for moving to Geneseo without regestering as a sex offender.
31 year old Kristian Gordon-Smith from North Olean was charged with failure to change address as a sex offender. According to the Division of Criminal Justice Services’ sex offender registry, Gordon-Smith was convicted of third-degree rape in 2009 for having sex with a 15-year-old girl.
He was sentenced to two years in state prison. His current address right now is the Livingston County Jail where he’s being held without bail.

Inmate Charged With Attempted Murder

An inmate at the Southport Correctional Facility in Pine City’s accused of trying to murder another inmate.
New York State Police arrested 21 year old Dominick Coffer. They say he used a knife to attack a prisoner on Aprill 22 at the Attica Correctional Facility. The victim had a number of stab wounds.
A Coudersport man is in Potter County Jail after being accused of assaulting his wife and threatening to shoot her in the head. Police arrested 61 year old Joseph Santangelo on charges of aggravated assault;
According to court records Santangelo threatened his wife with a loaded 22 magnum handgun. Police say both had been drinking and began arguing. That’s when say said he threatened to shoot her while pointing the gun at her head. She said Santangelo grabbed her throat and choked her.

Welfare Fraud Cases Alleged

Welfare fraud is on the rise in the area according to a recent investigation by the Cattaraugus County Department of Social Services .They’ve arrested five people in the past two weeks for forging signatures.
30 year old Leighann Russell, of Salamanca was charged with three counts of forgery. 29 year old Mimi LaPierre is accused of forgery along with 31 year old Kristannette Locklear of Olean. They accused of forging their landlord’s names on Department of Social Services paperwork. 33 year old Janelle Jennings was also charged with forgery, welfare fraud and misuse of food stamps and 35 year old Timothy Sherlock of Wellsville was charged with forgery too. He’s accused of forging names on time sheets.
A Bradford woman accused of intimidating a witness in an drug death investigation will spend 100 to 200 days in jail. 47 year old Robin Perez pleaded guilty. The case involves the investigation into the death of 25-year-old Derek Edward Michael Clay of Driftwood. She’s not accused in his death.

Baseball Field Improvements to Begin

Play ball! Eight communities are splitting $50,000 to make their baseball fields a little better.
Five communities will each get $7,240: Freedom, Randolph, Little Valley, Gowanda and Hinsdale. Dayton and Ischua will get $5,000, and Machias gets $3,800 it requested.
The Cattaraugus County Legislature’s Development and Agriculture committee divied up the money to balance a request for $600,000 for upgrades to baseball fields in Olean, Portville, Allegany, Salamanca, Ellicottville and Franklinville to make them ready for tournament play.
And if for any reason there’s an injury, there’s now a new place to get it taken care of.
The Champion Orthopedics and Sports Medicine team at Cole Memorial is bringing 15 years of local service to another area and will start seeing patients next week at their new office in Bradford.
They other offices are in Coudersport and Emporium. In New York they have offices in Olean and Wellsville. The staff includes sports trainers, orthopedic surgeons physician assistants:and certified nurse practitioner.

School Board Says Goodbye to Dr. Taggerty

The Colleen Taggery era is over at the Olean City School District Board of Education.
The board and the community said farewell to Dr. Taggerty at an emotional board meeting.
The retiring superintendent is being replaced by Rick Moore. He’ll be in place the next time the board meets in August.
Plans to have a year round farmer’s market in Olean just got a $600, 000 grant.
REpublican Senator Catharine Young, of Olean, says she’s secured a $600,000 grant from the State and Municipal Facilities Capital Program to build the Olean Farmers’ Market, giving a huge boost to the downtown revitalization initiative. The total cost is estimated to be about $1.2 million.
A Cuba man and Hinsdale woman are accused of sex crimes against a child.
36 year old Richard Edwards, 36, was charged wth sexual conduct with a child younger than 13, and 33 year old Heidi Edwards, is charged with sexual abuse of a child younger than 11.

New Olean Rental Inspection Law Proposed

Olean’s public safety committee will get a new look at plans to create a rental housing inspection law.
Aldermen say the public will be allowed to look at it and offer comments.
The new draft will require inpections for rental properties to make sure they’re in compliance with state building codes every three years. It’ll cost $50 fee per unit.
Aldermen also suggested giving the public an opportunity to sound off formally before the proposal comes to a vote.
Developers of a planned 107-turbine Alle-Catt Wind Farm are looking to get about $2 million dollars to help them out. They’re asking for a P.I.L.O.T. — agreement from local governments, that stands for payment in lieu of taxes. IT would be split between the towns of Freedom and Farmersville in Cattaraugus County; Centerville and Rushford in Allegany County; the town of Arcade in Wyoming County; school districts within the area and the three counties.

Gas Prices Stay Steady

Gas prices in Western Pennsylvania did not go up this week, but they didn’t go down either. Prices stayed the same at $2.51 per gallon, according to AAA East Central’s Gas Price Report.
States in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast saw slight changes in gas prices. Prices went up a penny in Washington, D.C. and Maine. Six other states saw prices drop.
A Wellsville woman’s charged with selling narcotics. 58 year old Anastasia Bacon is accused of selling the drugs in Wellsville. She’s charged with being a drug dealer and possession of drugs.
Bacon was taken to the Allegany County Jail on $5,000 bail.
Wellsville police say they arrested anohter accused drug dealer in a different arrests. They’ve arrested and charged 24 year old Brandon Murray on two counts of selling drugs and two counts of possession.

Crash Victims Start Gofundme Page

The family torn about in Freedom when a pickup truck ran into the fan is getting help from friends, neighbors and a lot of people they don’t even know.
The family’s set up a gofundme page to help with medical expenses. three young boys, two three and four years old are recovering at women and children’s hospital. Two other family members, Dennis and Breana Dibble are at ECMC. Tehy’re all in stable condition. But it was a scary day Sunday when an orange pick-up truck hit the family as they were getting into a parked van.
The driver of the pickup was hurt as well but he’s been released from the hosptial. He hasn’t been charged. The cause of Sunday’s crash is still under investigation.
Wellsville police say there’s one less drug dealer on the streets. They’ve arrested and charged 24 year old Brandon Murray on two counts of selling drugs and two counts of possession.

Pickup Truck Injures Six

Investigators want to know why a pickup truck slammed into a van in Freedom over the weekend. Six people are in the hospital including three kids. It happened in front of a yard sale on Route 98 near Sandbank Road. Cattaraugus County Deputies say two adults were standing outside of the parked black van, their three kids still inside, when Richard Neamon hit them with his truck.
The three kids were thrown from the van, and were taken to Women & Children’s Hospital in Buffalo. Their parents were taken to ECMC. Neamon was also hurt. Sheriff’s deputies are questioning him as they look into the cause.
You may have some money waiting for you that you never knew existed. More than $2.3 million is available in unclaimed funds, and a representative from New York State Comptroller’s office will visit Olean Thursday to help you find out if any of it’s your’s.
According to the Comptroller’s office there’s over $2.3 million waiting to be claimed.

Bradford Payroll Officer Charged With Theft

A Bradford woman’s accused of stealing over $100,000 from the city by paying herself for overtime work that she never did. 64 year old Bonita Hillyard was in charge of payroll for the city. She was a city employee for 18 years Now she’s charged with 69 counts of theft and tampering with records.
Police say they installed tracking software on her computer, and it showed she was processing claims at work but she said she was doing it on weekends and after hours, and billing the city extra.
Police said in one example she processed seven claims in 28 minutes at work, but billed overtime of 13.5 hours for it.
The rain’s put Cattaraugus County’s road construction season behind schedule. he city’s about two to three weeks behind schedule Mark Burr, Public Works director of engineering told the Olean Times Herald.
The city has more than $27 million in road, bridge and culvert projects on the 2017 schedule.