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Not Guilty Verdict in Rape Trial

A University of Pittsburgh at Bradford student accused of having sex with an unconscious woman in 2014 has been found not guilty.
twenty two yera old Brandon Sanders of New York City stood trial this week in McKean County Court. After the two-day jury trial, Sanders was acquitted.
His public defender said, Sanders was found not guilty of all three charges – sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, and indecent assault.
A Wellsville man accused of threating to kill a police office is in jail.
theirty year old Jeffrey Rositzke is charge with making a terrorist threat.
police Rositzke, threatened to shoot an officer.
Police had gone to his Wellsville residence on a disturbance call, but they said he was uncooperative and told one of the officers that when he found the officer off duty he was going to ‘come to his house and put a bullet in his head.’”
Rositzke was then taken into custody and charged,

Not Guilty Plea in Rape Charge

Police say a Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania raped a woman last June, but he says he’s not guilty.
Nineteen year old Skyler Carlson is charged with two counts of first-degree rape and unlawful imprisonment.
Police say it happened June 25 in Allegany.
A Hinsdale burglar is going to prison for 8 to ten years.
thirty nine year old Daniel Wilson was convicted of burglary and possession of a weapon. The burglary happened back in May.
A twenty nine year old drug dealer from Hinsdale has pleded guilty.
Jessica Corbett had a narcotic drug in July of last year in Olean.She’ll be sentenced in October.
42 year old John Lee, of Salamanca, pleaded not guilty to drug possession and sale. Police say he sold a narcotic in February in Great Valley.
thirety one year ol dAmos Krause, of Salamanca, pleaded not guilty to drug possession and sale

Union Street Ready to Re-Open

The wait is almost over. Olean’s North Union Street may be open to traffic again in just a few days. The $8.85 million reconstruction project should meet its deadline. The main thoroughfare took two years to install five roundabouts, reduce four lanes to two and replaced the water and sewers.
There’ a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Oct. 21st at the State and Union to commemorate the completion of the entire project.
A Wellsville man is accused of being a burglar. Wellsville police charged 48 year old Bradley M. Crandall, with second-degree burglary.
They say he broke into a place on Madison Street. He’s in Allegany County Jail on $10,000 cash bail.
An Ellicottville woman is accused of slashing the tires on emergency vehicles.
twenty eight year old Morgan Manfreda-Moran faces burglary and criminal mischief charges. police say she broke into the Ellicottville Fire Department.

Salamanca Mayor Primary Has Three Candidates

Salamanca has a third candidate in the Democratic primary for mayor
Joel Talbot is endorsed by the Cattaraugus County Democratic and Conservative parties.
He’s retired after working as a manager at Parkview Supermarket for more than 40 years.
Talbot will be in a three-way Democratic primary citywide from noon until 9 p.m. Sept. 13. He will also be on the ballot in November. He faces Mayor Ronald Ball and Michael Smith in the primary.
Olean City School District students and parents are getting a sneak peak of the upcoming school year.
“Meet Your Teacher Day,” is a chance for students and their families, to visit their classroom, meet their teacher a week before the school year begins.
East View Elementary, Washington West Elementary, Olean Intermediate Middle School and Olean High School will hold two orientation sessions today one from 1 to 3 p.m. and one from 4 to 6 p.m.,
The first day of school is on Sept. 6.

Road Rage Charges

Road rage in Ridgway when a man reportedly became so angry that he pulled a gun on another driver.
twenty six year old Merle “Jimmy” Olin, 26, is charged with making terroristic threats, reckless endangerment, and harassment.
Ridgway Police say the victims told them they dropped their daughter off at a home and were waiting for her to return when a car from behind started honking the horn. they said Olin drove by, then backed up and began arguing with the victim. When the victim got out of his car, he said Olin raised a handgun and chambered a bullet
Forgery and theft charges have been filed against former Kwik Fill gas station employee in Ridgway. Thirty seven year old Daniel Henson Jr., is charged with 14 counts of forgery. Police said Henson was taking cash from customers and pocketing that money, then charging that amount to the Kwik Fill credit card kept on site for CYS and forging a signature.

Back to School

Kids are heading back to school so drivers are being asked to take it easy and give the kids a brake. More than 7,000 kids in Allegany County and another 14,000 children in Cattaraugus County go back to school in the next few weeks, and most will take a school bus.
Drivers have to follow school bus laws. Yellow flashing lights mean a bus is preparing to stop to load or unload children. Red flashing lights and an extended stop sign means that children are getting on or off the bus and all traffic must stop.
Parking will be difficult Thursday and Friday at the visitors parking lot along Main Street on the east side of Olean General Hospital. It’ll be closed for repaving work.
Visitor parking will be available at the rear of the hospital. The back entrance to the hospital will be accessible to visitors during the repaving project.

Domestic Violence Charge

A domestic fight landed a Ridgway man in jail charged with assault.
Police say 46 year old Thomas Derydt tried to drown a woman in a bathtub then choked her until she passed out. She says he wouldn’t let her leave the house and wouldn’t let her sleep, once throwing cold water on her to keep her awake.
A Gifford who reportedly broke into tire story earlier this month has been charged with burglarly.
twenty six year old dustin schermerhorn faces two counts of burglary and criminal trespass. Schermerhorn used to work at the store.
Police say employees recognized him on suveillance footage from a secuerity camera entering the store. adn police say he looked right into the camera.
He’s McKean County Jail in Smethport in lieu of $10,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in Central Court on Sept. 1.

Pet Census in Porter

Pet owners in Portville are holding back on how many dogs there are in town.
Six months ago portville began a dog census to count the number of pooches and more importantly, to get them all licensed. aobut 200 pet owners took advantage of an amnisty period that last three months, but it’s believed that that’s only a quarter of the estimated 800 dogs in town.
According to every dog must have it licensed. Violators get a ticket.
She’s accused of buglary. Police say a 20 year old Roulette woman conspired to steal seven guns from a home on Williams Street. Renee Erin Seger, is charged with burglary, theft , and receiving stolen property.
The guns were stolen from the victim’s apartment last December. He told police Seger was a guest there a few hours before the guns were taken.
Two of the stolen guns were later recovered at a pawnshop.

Attempted Homicide Charge Filed

POlice charged a Brockport man with attempted homicide after he allegedly shot a man. forty five year old Keith Bennett, is jailed on $250,000 bail.
He’s accused of shooting thrirty nine year old Shawn Marche twice in the torso, once in each in a leg and a hand.
Bennett reportedly told police he shot Marche because he thought he was a meance to the neighborhood
A Bradford man is accused of burning down an empty house on Maplewood Avenue. Nineteen year old Dakota Allen. Police said that Allen was questioned as a suspect in a Dumpster fire at Zippo Manufacturing and charged wtih arson the same day he was charged in the Maplewood Avenue fire.
Allen reported told investigators he started the fire gathering paper and cardboard, putting it in a hole in the floor and lighting it.
Allen remains incarcerated in McKean County Jail on $100,00 in each of the two cases.

Pot Bust in Gowanda

He’s accused of getting large shipments of marijuana sent to him in his dead brother’s name.
Agents of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force arrested thirty six year old Charles Smith, with spossession of marijuana.
Police say the pot went to the Do Bottle Redemption center on Buffalo St. in gowada where Smith reportedly is the owner and manager.
Police said they confiscated 3 and a half pounds of marijuana in a package as well as $2,300 in cash. .
A Bradford couple allegedly beat up a woman who was trying to call 911.
21 year old Kiana McNamara, and 21 year old David Cabisca, are charged with aggravated assault. Bradford City Police say that early saturday mornign the victim called 911 when she heard fighting and glass breaking. , but Cabisca “punched her in the face. before she could say anyting.