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Child Porn Charges Filed

A Bradford man accused of having child pornography is in McKean County Jail Smethport law enforcement officials say they seized a computer from the home of thirty seven year old Joseph Michael Smith. He’s charged with 11 counts disseminating child pornography and possession of child pornography.
Police say they found a computer in Smith’s bedroom with 40 images and 11 files of apparent child pornography. Police say he told them he has been downloading and viewing child porn for about 10 years.
Smith is in jail and it’ll cost $100,000 bail to get him out. He is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing Aug. 8.
The Olean Common Council has okayed the mayor to apply for revitalization grants. The projects are yet to be formally OK’d, but city leaders expressed a commitment to the Consolidated Funding Application process.
The most expensive project would be to demolish the city garage on North Barry Street to develop the property for residences.

Memorial Building Up For Sale

The Cattaraugus County Memorial and Historic Building is officially up for sale. The building’s dedicated to the soldiers from the county who served and died in the Civil War. The Cattaraugus County Legislature’s Strategic Planning Committee voted to sell the 105 year old building rather than preserve it.
The has been condemned. A preservation group called CAMP has been fighting to save the building for two years, but it hasn’t been able to raise enough money. The committee’s recommendation to sell the memorial at public auction will go to the Public Works Committee and then before the full Legislature next month.
A Bradford man suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound Tuesday.
A 26-year-old man was taken to Bradford Regional Medical Center for medical treatment. As of Tuesday afternoon hte man was still alive and in critical condition, according to a report in the bradford era.
The shooting is still under investigation.

Civil War Memorial Fate Discussed

Cattaraugus County Legislators met in special session to discuss the county’s Civil War Memorial and Historic Building.
County lawmakers were ready to tear down the memorial but members of the preservation group C.A.M.P., convinced them to hold off until they looked at preservation efforts.
Workers with the Olean Wholesale Independent Union and the Olean Wholesale Cooperative have a labor agreement. 103 of the 126 total employees voted, passing the contract 73-30. Negotiations began in early June.
Details of the five-year agreement include $1.35 worth of annual raises through July 2021, as well as an annual bonus and cafeteria plan paid out annually. Olean Wholesale also agreed to cover the employees’ full health care costs for the first year of the contract and agreed to pay minimal increases throughout the five years.
Three McKean County, Pa., residents have been arrested on allegations they shoplifted and gave false names to New York state police.
Damien Stover, Kenneth Bell, and Richard Waldeck, are accused of shoplifting $22.83 in merchandise.

Rape Charge Filed

An Eldred man is accused of trying to rape a woman saturday night.
He’s in McKean County Jail in Smethport now.
twenty nine year old Christopher Clark Caldwell reportedly tried to sexually assault a woman but she was able to hold off his “forceful advances.”
Caldwell’s being held on $100,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in Central Court on Thursday.
William Bothwell of Olean has something new to put on his resume. He’s been recommended by members of the city’s Conservative Party to fill the District 8 vacancy on the Cattaraugus County Legislature.
If approved he’ll serve through the Nov. 8 election. He says he doesn’t know yet if he would run for the three-year balance of the term.
The vacancy is for the seat of Matthew Keller who resigned a few weeks ago to take the deputy treasurer’s job under county Treasurer Joseph Keller, his father.

Amtrak Contract Could Bring 400 Jobs

up to 400 jobs could be coming to the area is Amtrak and a french rail car manufacturer agree on a new supply contract.
New York Sen. Charles Schumer says Amtrak’s board of directors is expected to vote this week to finalize negotiations with Paris-based Alstom to provide new high-speed trains for its Acela Express service as part of a $2.5 billion program. The trains would be made at Alstom’s 700,000-square-foot plant in Hornell in Steuben (stoo-BEHN’) County.
A Bradford man is accused of giving alcohol to a 14 year old girl and having sex with her. He’s 23-year old Gregory Paul Benavidez Jr. and Police say he doesn’t have a permanent address. According to court records he had sex with the girl at least six times. He is charged with six counts of statutory sexual assault . He was taken to McKean County Jail in Smethport in lieu of $50,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in Central Court on Thursday.

Cattaraugus County May Return to Forrest Management

Cattaraugus County is expected to return to something it hasn’t done in over a decade… manage the estimated 2,000 acres of reforestation areas it owns.
At the County Legislature’s Public Works Committee a legislator who is involved in the forestry industry, suggested that the committee turn over two parcels to a forestry consultant to manage for some of the timber harvest. The Public Works Committee is expected to have a work session on the issue in the next several weeks.
A Bradford man is accused of giving alcohol to a 14 year old girl and having sex with her. He’s 23-year old Gregory Paul Benavidez Jr. and Police say he doesn’t have a permanent address. According to court records he had sex with the girl at least six times. He is charged with six counts of statutory sexual assault . He was taken to McKean County Jail in Smethport in lieu of $50,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in Central Court on Thursday.

Volunteer Firefighter Dies in Accident

A tragic accident at the Hilltop Volunteer Fire Department has claimed the life of the former firechief.
60-year-old Don Ishman was struck by a tanker driven by a 79-year-old volnteer. Police say it was an accident and nobody will be charged.
Iswas one of several volunteer firefigthts helping with a public service detail on saturday. he was hit while helping the driver back into a garage bay at the station. Isman was a 40 year veteran of the deparment.
A Kane woman has pleaded guilty in McKean County Court to three drug charges. thirty two year old Deborah Michelle Bolles admitted to possession with intent to deliver; possession of a controlled substance; and stealing drugs. Police said that Bolles sold drugs to a confidential informant with the McKean County Drug Task Force, and allegedly took ADHD pills belonging to Beacon Light Behavioral Health Systems.

Judicial Candidate’s Petition Challenged

Cattaraugus County Democratic judicial candidate William Gabler of Olean could lose the election even before election day. His nominating petitions have been challenged. Gabler filed 748 signatures but there are objections to 49 of them. Gabler could lose the Democratic line in the county judge’s race if just 20 of the signatures are ruled invalid. Gabler, a Salamanca and Olean City Court judge and former longtime Family Court magistrate, and Republican candidate M. Mark Howden, the county attorney, are vying for the vacancy created by the retirement at the end of this year by Family Court Judge Michael L. Nenno.
A Great Valley drug dealer will spend anywhere between 5 days and a year in jail on drug charges.
twenty one year old Danyelle Chiarili will also have a year of probation following an arrest by the McKean County Drug Task Force.
She was arrested in April along with a co defendant who also pleaded guilty.

Cigarette Tax Increase

A new Pennsylvania cigarette tax will now cost smokers $2.60 a pack on August first, and some people think rather than pay it, smokers will just but their cigarettes out of state. The tax is expected to bring in $430 million to help balance the state’s 2016-17 spending plan. The increase moves Pennsylvania from the state with the 23rd highest cigarette tax in the nation into the 10th highest cigarette tax in the country. Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio all have less xpensive taxes.
A Pittsburgh man’s been convicted of vehicular homicide for a 2014 crash in Spring Creek Township. twenty four year old Michael McGinnis was drving under the influence of alcohol at the time. No sentencing date has been set. But he’ll have to be sentenced within 90 days.
forty four year old Daniel McGinnis, of Pittsburgh was a passenger in the vehicle and died in the accident, while one other passenger was injured.

Lengthy Sentence for Attempted Murder

AT least 20 years in prison, but it could be as many as 40 years in prison for a man convicted of attempted murder.
fifty eight year old Francis Milliard was convicted of beating a man and leaving him for dead in 2011. The victim survived but is now in a wheelchair.
He was at the sentencing. Millard’s already in prison and this new sentence will be added on to the five years he’s doing in a federal prison on charges of conspiracy to possess firearms by a convicted felon.
For the first time in the New York State American Legion history, a Cattaraugus County man will lead the Legion. John Sampson was elected to the position at the 98th Annual Department Convention, held July 14-16 in Binghamton. The position leads the state’s Legions, and there are over 113,000 members, not including affiliated organizations such as the Legion Auxiliary or Sons of the American Legion, which brings the total to nearly 200,000.